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Digital Marketing Analytics 16 hours

Grasp the basic concepts of Google Analytics and learn various tips and tricks to boost the performance of your Ads and Website.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

Learn why Analytics is important in your marketing efforts.


Chapter 2 : Data Driven Decision Making

Learn common advertising metrics such as Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and what makes a good metric. Learn to improve your metric with assumptions and testing.  

2hr. 30min.

Chapter 3 : Google Analytics

Learn the various types of data that can be derived via Google Analytics. Grasp the concepts behind how Google Analytics work.

1hr 30min.

Chapter 4 : Understand your Audience

Learn to build Audience Reports with different segmentations and identify different characteristics of each segment. 


Chapter 5 : Analysing Acquisition Channels

Gain understanding on Acquisition Reports and learn to assess traffic sources by quality.

1hr. 30min.

Chapter 6 : Google Ads Reports

Learn how to link your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics account. Acquire skills to optimise your Google Ads when you learn how to identify which Google Ad campaigns bring the highest Return on Ad Spend.

1hr. 30min.

Chapter 7 : Conversion Report

Understanding Conversions and why the type of Goals you set is important. Learn how to create different types of Goals for different needs.

1hr. 30min.

Chapter 8 : Account Structure

Master the Account Structure in Google Analytics and learn how to place Filters to ensure that your data is of high quality.

1hr. 30min.

Chapter 9 : Custom Dashboards

Learn how to build custom dashboards with different metrics to track performance.

1hr. 30min.

Chapter 10 : Data Visualisation

Learn to use Google Data Studio to build custom dashboards.

1hr. 30min.

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