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Facebook and Instagram Ads 16 hours

Understand the various aspects of Facebook and Instagram Ads. Learn how to create Ads for the right Audiences and how to optimise them for your desired results. 

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

Learn the fundamentals of Facebook and Instagram Ads.


Chapter 2 : Campaign Objectives

Learn about the different types of Campaign Objectives and how you should consider them based on your Marketing Funnel.  


Chapter 3 : Targeting Audience

Learn how to create Custom Audiences and gain understanding on the various methods to do detailed targeting based on your customers’ interest and personal data. 

2hr. 30min.

Chapter 4 : Facebook Ads Structure

Learn the structure of Facebook Ads campaigns and Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO).

2hrs 30min.

Chapter 5 : Creatives and Ads

Learn what makes a Facebook Ad and how to make your Ad format more appealing. 

1hr. 30min.

Chapter 6 : Best Practices

Learn from examples of good and poor Ads and how to improve the quality of your Ad.

1hr. 30min.

Chapter 7 : Facebook Pixel

Learn about Facebook Pixel and how it can help your conversion optimisation. 

1hr. 30min.

Chapter 8 : Custom and Lookalike Audience

Learn the different types of Custom Audience and how to create them to reach and remarket to your customers. Learn how to use existing data to expand and find people who are similar to your current audience. 

1hr. 30min.

Chapter 9 : Metrics and Optimisation

Learn about metrics such as Ad frequency, Ad relevance, Click Through Rate, Cost Per Click, Conversion Rate and more. Learn how to optimise your Ads by analysing data. 

1hr. 30min.

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