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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 16 hours

Learn how Google and SEO works and acquire skills in keyword and topic research. Learn how to create content for the right type of users and enhance your Google presence.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

Learn how Google and SEO works. Learn about Google bots crawling, indexing and how to rank.


Chapter 2 : Keyword Research

Learn about search intent, volume, keyword difficulty, competitive research, and how to generate topic and keyword ideas.  

2hr. 30min.

Chapter 3 : Content Creation

Learn how to write good data driven content by understanding content types, Google search results, and creating the right content type for the right user.  

1hr 30min.

Chapter 4 : Optimise Webpages for Google

Learn about on page SEO and improve your Click Through Rate (CTR). 


Chapter 5 : Backlinks

Learn about backlinks and why the quality of backlinks are important.

1hr. 30min.

Chapter 6 : Enhancing Google Presence

Learn tips on how to use SEO for local businesses.

1hr. 30min.

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